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Business & Corporate Law

We have extensive experience assisting clients in all phases of their business – from entity formation and start-up considerations to the challenges of growth and regulatory compliance. In assisting our clients with their ongoing business needs, our firm routinely negotiates, drafts and/or reviews a wide array of business documents, including commercial contracts, change orders, purchase orders, general and special warranties, partnership reorganization agreements, business loan instruments, commercial leases, and employment contracts.

Our attorneys can assist businesses with every aspect of corporate and partnership law compliance to ensure that business is conducted lawfully, and to insulate to the fullest extent possible the business owners and executives from personal liability arising out of the operation of the business. Our firm counsels individuals in determining which type of legal entity (corporation, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, etc.) best meets their business and personal needs, performs all corporate formation activities, and drafts and reviews all organizational documents including articles of incorporation, bylaws, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, partnership agreements, and stockholder restriction agreements.

We also handle corporate filings such as fictitious name filings and foreign corporation filings, and can dissolve a corporation or any other legal entity if and when necessary.

Our firm handles all aspects of a corporation’s required annual shareholder and board of directors meetings, from drafting the minutes for the meetings to hosting and conducting the meetings in our office.


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